Life would be very hard for Aliens on Earth

A year later, in May 1848, has appeared in the pages of a sensational article “Bryant” European Journal. It turns out that the work of the expedition was interrupted because of the “hard resistance of the enemy.” During the clashes one ship, four combat aircraft were lost, killed dozens of people. Another nine aircraft had to leave as unusable. The article memories crews of combat aircraft have been printed. The pilots told about the incredible things: out of the water and attack them “flying discs aliens,” the strange atmospheric phenomena caused by mental disorders …

A printed note on the US aircraft collision with the unknown “flying disc” was so incredible that most of the readers considered it another newspaper canard. It took several decades, and the ice continent began to receive reports that the disc-shaped UFO appeared here several times higher than in other areas.

In 1901, a solid American Weekly World News magazine published a message stating that the Norwegian scientists have discovered in the depths of the Antarctic continent, at a distance okolo160 kilometers from Mount Matt McClintock, the enigmatic tower! The height of the construction of about 28 meters. To build a tower of the hundreds of ice blocks and recalls, according to scientists, the watch tower of a medieval castle. Given the Nazi predilection for medieval symbolism, unwittingly begs the thought that it built the SS, who considered themselves successors of the German knightly orders.

Not so long ago the hypothesis that a secret “Base-211” continues to function received yet another confirmation. In one of the UFO, a newspaper published an article by Olga Boyar a strange incident that occurred in Antarctica in August 1904. Canadian pilots found on the ice remnants of some of the aircraft and photographed them. The pictures could be seen a broad funnel in the center of which was damaged disk let. For a detailed study of a special expedition was sent to the area of his fall, but it did not find any disk lets or its fragments.

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