Horror movies that are based on true stories!!

There are many horror movies in that some are on true story based and some are just fiction. Here are few of the true based horror stories:

1) The Amityville Horror

Horror movies that are based on true stories!!


This movie is about an unpretentious family, John and Kathy Lutz, who along with their three children buy a Long Island home that was at one time a spot of a mass murder. With a series of haunted happenings, the Lutz family is forced to go out of the house. The movie is about the couple John and Kathy Lutz experiences in that Amityville house that was so haunted and is actually based on a book by true life couple George and Kathy Lutz. The husband and wife allegedly heard sounds during the day, witnessed various cold areas inside the house and they even saw a green, sludge-like substance leaking out from the walls. And, though the researchers strongly debate the realness of the story, the film is actually quite scary.

2) The Entity

Horror movies that are based on true stories!!

It is one of the most wacky horror stories, this film narrates the true life story of a Carla Moran, a mother of three children, who is troubled by a supernatural entity that abuses and rapes her frequently. In 1974, paranormal researchers Kerry Gaynor and Barry Taff studied the case of a woman named Doris Bither, who lived in Culver City, California and believed to have been physically and sexually assaulted by an entity. Gaynor and Taff observed objects move in her house, captured pictures of floating lights and  also observed a humanoid ghost, but they never saw it abuse the woman and also never tried to capture it. The haunting got eventually reduced once the family went out of the house, but the fable already provided provisions for the most awful horror movie to be ever made.

3) The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Horror movies that are based on true stories!!


This movie is of a priest who is on tentative for the death of a young woman whose name was Emily Rose, whom he had enforced an exorcism on. The movie archives the woman’s endeavor with being haunted and the priest’s tentative, which strikes a controversy between science and faith. The actual Emily Rose was influenced by the story of a 16-year-old who was a German girl named Annelise Michel who began demonstrating symptoms of wicked possession like self-abuse, deprivation and paralysis. Seven years later, when her ordeal became whatever but better, two priests enforced exorcisms and affirmed that Michel was haunted by several demons. When Michel lastly died in July 1976 due to deprivation, her parents and the priests were tried and endowed for the guilt of committed crime.

4) Wolf Creek

Horror movies that are based on true stories!!

This is an Australian horror snap that reveals a story of three backpackers who find themselves gripped enslaved by a serial killer in the Australian bush (the most remote and barren area of Australia). This movie is established on the story of real and actual life serial killer, Ivan Milat, who was constrained for the deaths of seven backpackers about Belanglo State Forest in the ‘90s. The condemn murderer, Milat, was chasing hikers in the park formerly he would shoot, stab, throttle or beat his pawns to death. Farther than a body to be murdered, Milat awarded no intent for his crimes.

5) The Haunting in Connecticut

Horror movies that are based on true stories!!

This film is about the Campbell family who shifted into a earlier mortuary in Connecticut to be nearer to the hospital in which their cancer suffering son is treated. They soon concluded that the mortuary is home to the malignant forces that are now later the Campbell family. The film was influenced by Carmen Snedecker and her family, who shifted to Connecticut in the ’80s to be nearest to their son Phillip, who was seeking treatment for cancer. Phillip became more unstable and alleged that the house was haunted; on the other hand, his parents regarded that he is becoming psychopathic. They ultimately moved out of the house and Phillip reportedly fall victim to a cancer regression.

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