A deep insight into working of Stanolozolol

Stanolozolol falls in the category of steroids. It was launched in 1962 by Winthrop laboratories. Among the bodybuilders the drug is famous by name Winstrol. In no time it became favourite among women. This is because its capability to increase and enhance metabolic properties.

Why Stanolozolol

The drug is famous among people because of androgenic properties. The other reason for opting this drug is that it can enhance the muscle mass without releasing water. Its capability to give you increased muscle mass makes it the most preferred drug in the market.

Stanolozolol can form from dihydrotestosterone, DHT. It finds its use among bodybuilders and athletes.

Some Benefits

  • It can eliminate the extra fats
  • It gives strength and endurance to perform workout
  • You can get ripped muscles with its usage
  • You can purchase it without any prescription

Difference between oral and inject able Stanolozolol

The drug has been used by athletes from past many years. Such is the scenario that many athletes were found positive when tested for this steroid. For example after Ben Johnson won gold medal at Seoul Olympics he was positive for this drug. Stanolozolol is generally available in the market in two forms oral and injectable. Injectable form is called as Winstrol Depot. The injectable steroid is taken in cycle by numerous athletes and bodybuilders. This form of Stanolozolol contains 50mg steroid in 1ml of water.

Side effects

Unlike many other steroids in the market Stanolozol has least side or very less side effects. Some of the side effects include high blood pressure, increase in growth of hairs on body and face, oily skin and pimples. Women mostly prefer this drug because it safe provided that you take as per prescribed dosage. The reason for this is its mild androgenic effects.


Stanozolol when combined with Proviron has the ability to reduce hormone Globulin.  As a result large amount of testosterone is released in the blood and you can expect amazing results.  Apart from this it does not have any estrogenic effect. There is no water retention also. So it results in strong muscles like bodybuilders. Because of its bodybuilding properties it has become favourite of body builders. A normal person is required to take 20mg to 50mg per day. Persons taking injections should take 50 to 100mg per day. People generally avoid injection because of pain.


When you consume Stanozolol review orally or with injections you can face problem of liver toxicity. But this toxicity is less as compared to the one produced by other steroids. Also remember that do not take more than 50mg a day and should not be continued for more than 6 weeks.  This is to ensure that the steroid does not have too much harmful effect on liver. You can reduce the effect by taking liver52 or milk thistle.


Always take the dosage as prescribed because it can cause many ill effects. So to prevent tis always take the dosage as instructed.

Some things to remember

To get good results from it try to use it in cycles. Due to the cutting effect it is recommended to use in cycle. Due to property of water retention it can give you a body builder physique. Apart from this water based suspension is preferred due to side effects and pain.

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